Hygrometry and Temperature

                HD 200  




     특 징                                                      

Applications : for hygrometry and temperature measurements

Supplied with current/voltage module, hygrometry probe, transport case and calibration certificate.

 Functions : Hygrometer, Psychrometer, contact dew point, WBGT index, Datalogger.
 Connection :
Interchangeable measurement modules (current/voltage, thermocouple),
Wireless connection Intrument/Computer and instrument/probe,
Smart-Plus system, probes automatically recognized when connected to the instrument.
 Measuring range (see datasheet)

 Measuring ranges

Relative humidity : from 3 to 98%RH • Resolution 0,1%RH
Absolute humidity : from 0 to 285g/Kg • Resolution 0,1g/kg
Dew point : from -50 to +80°Ctd • Resolution 0,1°Ctd

Pt100 temperature : 
from -20 to +80°C (standard hygrometry probe) • Resolution 0,1°C
from -40 to +180°C (high temperature probe) • Resolution 0,1°C
from -50 to +250°C (according to model) • Resolution 0,01°C
Thermocouple K : -200 to +1300°C • Resolution de 0,1°C
Thermocouple J : -100 to +750°C • Resolution de 0,1°C
Thermocouple T : -200 to +400°C • Resolution de 0,1°C

Current / voltage
from 0 to 2,5 V • Resolution 0,001V
from 0 to 10 V • Resolution 0,01V
from 0 to 4/20 mA • Resolution 0,01mA

 Detailed functions

Hygrometer : Select units, hold, min/max values, storage.
Psychrometer : dew point, wet temperature, enthalpy, absolute humidity, hold, min/max values, storage.
Contact dew point : for contact probe. Hold, min/max values, storage.
WBGT index : for hygrometry probe used with black ball. Index calculation for inside and outside, storage.

Select units, select thermocouple type, Delta T, hold, min/max values, storage.

Adjustable scales, hold, min/max values, storage.

• Hygrometry : %HR
• Psychrometer : g/Kg
• Dew point : °Ctd, °Ftd
• Temperature : °C, °F
• Current/voltage : V, mA

et Modules probes
Sondes Smart +
Whole probes integrate the SMART PLUS System and are only compatibles with the Class 200 and 300 electronic portable devices. Exchangeable, they are adjusted individually or calibrated with the device and are automatically recognised when plug-in. These Probes are come with a calibration certificate (except Thermocouple K Probes)

Temperature Probe
Large choice of temperature probe for all applications : general, penetration, contact, ambient, with lamella, velcro...
 Type : Pt 100 / Pt 1000, NTC , Thermocouple

 Wireless* model available
* Pt 100 probe only

Humidity Probe

 Relative humidity : from 3 to 98%RH
Hygrometry : capacitive sensor
Temperature : Pt100 class 1/3 DIN
Standard model : ABS handle and probe (from -20 to +80°C).
High temperature model : ABS handle and inox sheath (from -40 to +180°C).
 Wireless model available 

Interchangeable Measurement Modules
Innovative and ergonomic, these interchangeable measurement modules allow an easy evolution of your instrument functions.
Calibration certificate supplied with each module guarantees accurate and reliable datasets ans is time-saving for pool-maintenance

Temperature Measurement Module
 Measurement modules with 4 thermocouple temperature inputs
Thermocouple K : from -200 to +1300°C
Thermocouple J  : from -100 to +750°C
Thermocouple T  : from -200 to +400°C

Current / Voltage Measurement Module
 Measurement module with 2 current or voltage inputs
Current : from 0 to 4-20 mA
Voltage : from 0 to 10 V

● 악세사리

Hands-free protective housing for Class 200 instruments.
Current / Voltage Input Cables

PVC cable, length 2 m. Measuring range :
- from 0 to 2500 mV
- from 0 to 10 V
- from 0 to 4/20 mA

Ammeter Clamps
Accuracy : 1% of the scale.
Available measurement ranges : 0-20A, 0-50A, 0-100A, 0-200A, 0-600A.
Telescopic Extension
Telescopic bent extension to 90°
Length 1 m, compatible with all measurement probes.

Data Logger-10

Datalogger-10 operating system for portable instruments. Wire (LPCF) or wireless (LPCR) interface.

Black Ball
Developed and manufactured by KIMO, the Black Ball Thermometer is for measuring radiant temperature.
Based on the black body principle, it consists of one sphere, which is equipped with a liquid expansion thermometer, Pt 100 or thermocouple temperature probe .
It’s an accurate, reliable and user-friendly instrument.