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 Signal Conditioners-Ampliflers-Transmitters The CAT1 is a microprocessor conrolled 2-wire

 4 to 20mA transmitter. The CAT1 converts a low level frequency signal from a flowmeter

 sensor into an analog 4 to 20 mA output. The output is proportional to the flow rate.

* Loop powered 4 to 20mA

* optional flowmeter linerization

* Factory configured when purchased with a Hoffer flowmeter.

* Several enclosure options. * CE Compliant.

* Window Configuration Software

  CAT1 is Microcessor, Loop Powered, 4 to 20mA

 CAT2 is Versatile DC or AC Powered Transmitter Can Be Interfaced With Any Hoffer Flow Sensor

 CAT3 is DC or AC Powered Microprocessor Controlled Transmitter